Sometimes i get this feeling

Like i need to just go

Get away

Release myself

From the captivity of the 9-5

The workweek hustle and bustle

The commotion of trying to be great

Desiring to be better than everyone

For what


Well that doesn’t happen

Why be here

Why clock in

Why show up

Just to show face

See other people get the recognition

See other people get promoted

See other people actually happy

Or are they

They may be just like me

Putting on a mask

Faking it to make it

But can you truly make it

In a world where working for other people have become the norm

Where do i even fit in

Question unanswered

Whelp i guess I’ll just go to work then


Wake me up

Wake me up

A different person

Someone loved and cared about

Wake me up

In a different place

Somewhere i can finally call home

Wake me up

Next to love

Love that runs deep inside

Wake me up

With no issues

So I can finally be free with no care in the world

Someone please just wake me up!

Turning tables 

Hmmm how does it feel 

When it’s you that’s the bad guy

When it’s you who seems upset for no reason 

When it’s you taking out your frustrations on her

How exactly does it feel when the tables turn 

Can you feel it when it happens 

Do you realize when you did it 

Did you notice the change in dynamic 

It only happens when the tables turn 

How would you feel if she turned it back 

If she catches an attitude with you over something pointless 

If she yelled at you for no reason 

If she made you feel the way you made her feel

Man oh man 

I don’t think you would like it 

If only the tables turned! 

I will not conform

This is not a poem

This is not a story

This is not just words on some paper

This is my life

My feelings

My beliefs

Which get taken for granted each day

Each hour

Each second

As a black woman

I am seen as threatening

When I have the kindest heart

I am seen as disrespectful

Because I refuse to be belittled or talked down to

I am seen as a challenge

Because my morals and values don’t align with yours

But yet isn’t that the story of most of us

Our culture has been put down forever

Our ancestors were put down, talked down to, and literally beaten

Our parents dealt with racism and sexism

People think that living in 2017 that times are different

Open your eyes

Nothing has changed but the skin color

Now days we have more of US putting us down

We don’t have to fear another race

We kill each other

We snuff out our own greatness by greed and competition

So I disagree to just sit here and allow it to happen with me

I will not conform to please anyone else

I will be myself

I will not sell out for a check

I will not stand down to being disrespected

It has gone on for too long

It has to stop somewhere

I am not going to be anyone else but me

Better yet


So stop trying to change me and get me to conform to different beliefs

Stop trying to make it  seem like I am a problem when I have an opinion

Stop trying to belittle me when I graduated on the Dean’s list with my Masters Degree

Stop trying to put me in a box and suffocate all of my creativity and uniqueness

Stop trying to kill everything that I have grown to be and the person I am destined to become


Stuck in a story

why do these days come

where i feel trapped

in a lost tale

or a messed up story

why do these days have to be so long

so gory

why can’t I just close my eyes

take a nap

and return to my normal self

I feel like I am trapped in myself

i cant escape

I can’t run away

I am stuck

and the crazy thing is

there is nobody to save me!